Facade maintenance

The facade is not just the first impression of a house, but also its essential protective layer in our climate. A well-maintained facade provides significant energy savings in our climate and prolongs the life of the building. It’s an investment that starts benefiting immediately.

It’s best to plan facade works in the first half of the year. Then it’s certain that the planned works can be done at the desired time. It’s best to schedule the works as early as winter. Facade works require at least +5 degrees Celsius.

FastFassaad has been doing facade works all over Estonia for over 15 years. We carry out works on plaster, wood, and ventilated facades. Both apartment buildings, office buildings, and private houses can get a new look.

Facade works in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and everywhere else across Estonia.

Ask for a quote here or send an email to info@fastfassaad.ee.