Graphite Removal and Protective Treatment

Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and all over Estonia

Want to get your house, doors, windows or other surfaces clean quickly and efficiently? FastFaçade offers a professional graffiti removal and protective treatment service to help restore the aesthetic appearance of your property.

fassaadi värvimine

Why choose us?

Graffiti can be a nuisance problem in public spaces, quickly damaging buildings and other objects. FastFaçade has the right tools and expertise to remove graphite efficiently and safely, without damaging the substrate.

Our Services:

  1. Graphite Removal:We use special methods and environmentally friendly tools, including hot water pressure washing and GRAFFIGUARD 2030 solution, to remove graphite from a variety of surfaces, including glass, plastered facades and other delicate surfaces.
  2. Protective treatment: as a preventive measure, we recommend treating surfaces with an anti-graffiti protectant, which will help prevent the absorption of graffiti into the pores of the surface and make future removal work easier.

How to Order?

FastFaçade’s professional team is ready to come to your aid at any time and in any location across Estonia. If you need help removing graffiti or want to proactively protect your property, contact us and we’ll come out to inspect the property.

For smaller jobs, a water source is not necessary. Trust FastFaçade to keep your property clean and protected from graffiti. Contact us today!