Cleaning and washing of paving stones

Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and all over Estonia

Want to freshen up your garden or yard area? FastFaçade offers professional cleaning and washing of your paving stones, ensuring a lasting appearance and prolonging the life of your stones. Our services include thorough street cleaning, moss removal and, if necessary, protective treatment to keep your building clean and beautiful for longer.

Why choose us?

Over the years, dirt, moss and even oil stains accumulate on paving stones and can leave an undesirable mark on your property. Regular cleaning is essential to maintain the original appearance of the stones and to prevent the damage that can occur with unmaintained stones. FastFassaad offers you:

  1. Thorough Washing:We use professional pressure washing technology to effectively remove accumulated dirt, moss and other contaminants from both paving surfaces and joints.
  2. Moss control: if the stone joints are heavily moss-covered, we carry out moss control, completely destroying the roots of algae and moss and preventing their re-emergence.
  3. Protective Treatment:We offer a protective treatment for paving stones that makes them water and dirt repellent, significantly extending their appearance and lifespan.

Why is this important?

Well-maintained paving stones look beautiful and inviting, plus they protect your property. Regular cleaning and maintenance will reduce the need for major repairs in the future and save you time and resources.

Pricing and Services:

The price depends on the location of the object and the size of the surface to be cleaned and includes washing the paving stones with a pressure washer, moss removal, sanding if necessary and treatment with a protective agent. Ask for an exact quote and find out the price of paving stone washing for your specific project.

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